Wildflowers of Waterton Park



Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park

Waterton Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a unique ecosystem ranging from grasslands to alpine meadows. It is renowned for its abundant diversity of wildflowers.

Waterton Park features many unique flowering plants, with more than thirty plants found nowhere else in the province. From late May until early September each year, the park is a cornucopia of colours.


Each of Waterton Park's four ecoregions presents specific features, from foothill parkland, montane, subalpine, and alpine. These areas each have a rainbow of colourful wildflowers.

Every year, more than 250,000 visitors come to the park to enjoy the wildflowers and beauty of the area. The Waterton Wilflower Festival, held for two weeks each June, attracts people from around the world to celebrate the flowers of the area.

Wildflowers of Waterton Park will meet a need for a comprehensive guide to the flowers of the area. It will inspire others to appreciate the natural heritage and beauty of this special place.

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