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Pink Monkey Flower FIGWORT FAMILY

Mimule de Lewis July to early September
Mimulus lewisii

Be ready to hear the hum of hummingbirds and the buzz of
many bees when approaching these trumpet-shaped flowers, as
they are designed to store lots of nectar. These rich-coloured
plants decorate the banks of streams and creeks at higher
elevations on the trails listed.

Flowers: These trumpet-shaped flowers have pink fused petals
opening into 2 lips. The upper lip is divided into 2 lobes, while
the lower lip is 3-lobed with a dark yellow, hairy tongue. Dark
purple, fused sepals with greenish lines add a touch of
elegance to these flowers. Flowers are 3 to 5 cm long, with few
to several flowers growing in terminal clusters. Plants can
reach up to 60 cm tall. Fruits are 1 to 2 cm capsules.
Leaves: Bright green leaves are opposite and clasping on the
stems. Leaves are lance-shaped, shallowly toothed, with strong
parallel veins. All green parts are covered with soft hairs.
Habitat: Moist open sites and along streams, in the subalpine
Trails: Rowe Lakes, Carthew-Alderson, Goat Lake.
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