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Glacier Lily LILY FAMILY

Erythrone à grandes fleurs May to July
Erythronium grandiflorum

The exquisite Glacier Lily flowers often come out shortly after the
snow recedes, even blooming in melting snowbanks. In late May,
the meadow at the first creek crossing, about one kilometre up
the Lineham Creek trail is decorated with thousands of Glacier
Lily flowers for the hiker’s delight.

Flowers: These bright yellow, nodding flowers have 6 petal-like
sepals, called tepals. The tepals curl back to expose 6 large pale
yellow anthers and a white stigma. Each flower usually grows
alone on a stem, but as many as 4 might grow together. Flowers
are 4 to 6 cm across, growing on stems that can be 10 to 30 cm
long. Fruits are seeded brownish capsules that rattle in the wind.
Leaves: Two broad oblong to elliptic leaves grow from the base of
the plants. The leaves are shiny, bright green, and slightly pointed.
Habitat: Meadows and open forest, in montane and subalpine
Trails: Bertha Lake, Lineham Creek, Rowe Lakes, Carthew-
Alderson, Crandell Lake, Red Rock Canyon – Blakiston Falls,
Goat Lake, Horseshoe Basin.
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