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Twining Honeysuckle HONEYSUCKLE FAMILY

Chèvrefeuille orangée June to early July
Lonicera dioica

Twining Honeysuckle flowers are the most astonishing members
of the Honeysuckle family. Nesting in a pair of fused leaves that
look like a bowl, these trumpet-like flowers are unforgettable.
With their sweet scent and the lower part of the tube full of
nectar, these blossoms often attract hummingbirds. The shaded
forest of Wishbone trail features many of these flowers.

Flowers: These stunning flowers are yellow to orange when
young, becoming bright purple with age. Long, fused petals
spread into 5 lobes and have protruding stamens and styles.
Flowers are about 2.5 cm long, and are gathered in a pair of
cupped leaves on short stems, growing on woody vines that can
reach 6 m long. Fruits are clusters of red berries.
Leaves: Leaves on the vines of these climbing shrubs are
opposite, elliptical, and about 7 cm long. The 2 leaves at the tip
of the stems are fused into a cup shape. These leaves are bright
green above and blue-green with soft hairs underneath.
Habitat: Dry, shaded sites in the prairie zone.
Trails: Wishbone.
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