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Clustered Oreocarya BORAGE FAMILY

Cryptanthe des nuages June to July
Cryptantha nubigena

These charming little plants look like a white version of Forget-
Me-Not blooms, and their subtle perfume is a testimony to their
delicate nature. Seeing them is very special, as they are not
found many places outside of Waterton Park. Clustered
Oreocarya can be seen about five kilometres up the Horseshoe
Basin trail near the second creek crossing, and on the high
rocky slopes of the Goat Lake trail.

Flowers: These snow-white, saucer-shaped flowers consist of
petals fused at the base that spread into 5 rounded lobes. Each
lobe is decorated with a yellow bulge at the base. Flowers are
about 10 mm, in tight spike clusters, on 15 to 25 cm stems.
Fruits are clusters of 4 nutlets.
Leaves: Leaves are covered with white, stiff hairs. Basal leaves
are long and narrow, with the widest part above the middle.
Stem leaves are similar, smaller and alternate.
Habitat: Dry hillsides and rocky areas, from prairie to sub-
alpine zones.
Trails: Goat Lake, Horseshoe Basin.
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