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Three-Spot Mariposa Lily LILY FAMILY

Lis de mariposa June to July
Calochortus apiculatus

Seeing members of the Lily family is always a delight, and the
beautiful Three-Spot Mariposa Lily flowers are certainly worth
searching for. At lower elevations, these flowers bloom
abundantly along the Bellevue Prairie and Wishbone trails.
High country hikers can see these charming flowers in the
Rowe Lakes subalpine meadow in mid-July.

Flowers: These beautiful, broadly cup-shaped flowers have 3
white petals. Petals are covered with long stiff hairs, going from
white to orange towards the base. Each of the petals is
decorated with a black glandular spot in its centre. The 3 green
sepals alternate with the petals. Each flower is 3 to 4 cm
across, and grows mostly alone on a 10 to 30 cm stem. Fruits
are 3-winged elliptic capsules.
Leaves: The single, greyish-green basal leaf is long and narrow.
Two small narrow leaf-like bracts appear below the flower.
Habitat: Dry open meadows and partly shaded places, from
prairie to subalpine zones.
Trails: These delicate flowers can be found on all trails listed.
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