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Anémone des prairies April to June
Anemone patens

These showy purple flowers are among the first to bloom in
Waterton Park, sometimes as early as April in the sunny
meadows of Bellevue Prairie trail. Although they are named
Prairie Crocus, they can be found on many trails at higher
elevations later in the season.

Flowers: These bluish-lavender to purple cup-shaped flowers
have bright yellow stamens at the centre. The flowers have 5 to
7 showy petal-like sepals, called tepals, which are fuzzy outside
and smooth inside. Each flower is 2.5 to 3.5 cm across, and
grows alone on a 10 cm stem that becomes taller as the flower
matures. Fruits are clusters of seeds with long feathery tails.
Leaves: Long-stalked basal leaves are divided 2 or 3 times into
narrow segments. These greyish-green leaves are covered with
silky hairs. A whorl of 3 similar leaves grows on the stems.
Habitat: Sandy hillsides, grasslands, and open woods, from
prairie to subalpine areas.
Trails: Prairie Crocus can be seen on all trails listed.

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