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Sticky Jacob’s Ladder / Sky Pilot PHLOX FAMILY

Polémoine visqueuse Mid-June to July
Polemonium viscosum

Seeing these elegant bouquets of violet-blue flowers in the
mountains will surely increase your heartbeat even on your
way down. The lovely flowers are sweet-scented at flowering
time, but the sticky glandular leaves develop a skunk-like smell
when the plants are aging. High country hikers will find these
eye-catching plants in scree slopes on Rowe Lakes and
Carthew-Alderson trails.

Flowers: These bright violet-blue flowers have fused petals
spreading into 5 rounded lobes. The glandular-hairy fused
sepals are deeply cut into 5 pointed lobes. The 5 stamens, each
with a purple filament and orange anther, complete these
strikingly beautiful flowers. Flowers are about 1.5 to 2.5 cm
across, and grow in dense rounded clusters on stems that grow
up to 25 cm. Fruits are capsules.
Leaves: Basal leaves form a rounded cushion-like mat. Leaves
are whorls of tiny glandular-hairy leaflets.
Habitat: Exposed scree slopes in the alpine zone.
Trails: Rowe Lakes, Carthew-Alderson.
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